Chris Brown in the News

Every now and then some of my exploits have been covered by other media, both printed and online. Here's a selection of those articles...

Lenin Bust

9News in Australia ran a piece about the bust of Lenin which the Russians left when they abandoned their base at the original or traditional location of the Antarctic Pole of Inaccessibility. They used my photograph, which has been viewed tens of thousands of times on Google Maps, and also covered Mika and my successful trip to the bust.

9News article on Bust of Lenin   The Sun stmbles upon Lenin

Later, in February 2024, The Sun ran a rather sensationalistic version of our visit to the historic pole of inaccessibility in Antartica claiming that I'd "stumbled upon" a head sticking out of the ice and snow and that I had "discovered" a building beneath it. I'm not sure 5+ years of planning and a massive logistical effort counts as 'stumbling' across anything!

Cross Continental Swim

The Independent Online ran an article before my swim from Asia to Europe in the Cross-Continental Swimming Race on 16th August, 2023

Even though I was simply a participant in an annual swimming race with thousands of other competitors, they focussed on the emulation of Lord Byron (George Gordon) who copied the legendary swim by Greek hero Leander swimming from Asia to Europe.

Sky News picked up on the story and interviewed me for the morning news programme on Monday 21st August.

Titan Submersible

One of those times you wish you weren't in the media

On 18th June, 2023, a submersible called "Titan", which was being used to explore the wreck of the Titanic, went missing - it had lost communication with the support vessel on the surface. One of my friends, Hamish Harding, was onboard.

While the rescue effort got underway and it was thought that the Titan might be snagged on the wreck, or maybe sitting on the sea bed with oxygen running out, there was obvious interest in the vessel itself and the expedition it was making. During that period, it emerged that I had originally signed up to dive with Oceangate, the operators, but had pulled out due to my concerns over the safety of the sub.

Front page of The Sun   Front page of The Sun

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And Many More

On 22nd June, it was announced that a remotely operated vehicle had found a debris field on the sea floor consisting of five major pieces of The Titan. It had, apparently, imploded on its original descent. You can view my Tiktok reasons for not going on the Titan here

African Pole of Inaccessibility

In December 2021 I became the first person to get to the African Pole of Inaccessibility in the Central African Republic. You can read about the expedition here.

Global rescue Blog, Middle of Nowhere

The Trip was covered by Global Rescue in their blog called Journey to the Middle of Nowhere

And the local-to-Harrogate Stray Ferret ran a short piece.

Centre of Wales

This was a trip to the Centre of Wales with Max Woosey, better known as The Boy in a Tent, to encourage youngesters to get out and explore. It was covered by ITV News.

Poles of Inaccessibility Project

One of my main aims is to be the first person ever to visit all Seven of the Continental Poles of Inaccessibility, plus the Oceanic Pole at Point Nemo. You can read about that project on a dedicated website at

Independent article on first to visit poles

The project was covered by The Independent, a UK national newspaper, under the headline British explorer's bid to become first man to visit all eight remote areas of the world. The same story was syndicated to around forty local news websites.

Trapped in Antarctica

The Daily Mirror picked up on the fact we became trapped in Antarctica during our unsuccessful trip to the Antarctic Pole of Inaccessibility in 2021/22. Meanwhile Wales Online and a number of other regional papers led with the NOTAM that stopped flights reaching us, caused by Space X debris. Seems it was all Elon Musk's fault!

trapped in antarctica   Musk Rocket traps us