Chris Brown's Expeditions

An expedition, as opposed to an adventure is typically planned and organised with a specific objective or goal in mind. Currently, the majority of my expeditions are focussed on visiting Poles and Point of Inaccessibility and other remote parts of the planet using a variety of vehicles.

A major feature of planning an expedition is the consultation of experts and professionals in the relevant fields such as extreme cold weather, personal security or high altitudes. It involves careful planning, preparation and logistical support in order to reduce the risks. More often than not, they require the use of specialised equipment.

This is a list of expeditions which I've undertaken over the years. It's far from an exhaustive list because many were simply before the age of the internet and I haven't got round to retrospectively writing them up yet. Problem is, I'd need to stop exploring and adventuring to do that!

Southern Pole of Inaccessibility
Middle of Antarctica

An unsuccessful expedition in 2022 which saw us stuck in storms on Antarctica for 28 days, followed by better luck in 2023

Central African
Dark Heart of Africa

A hazardous journey to the middle of Africa in the Central African Republic on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan

Titan Sub
Titan Submersible
Titanic Expedition

How I came to be signed up for the doomed Titan expedition, along with my concerns over safety and why I withdrew before it imploded.

South American pole expedition
South American Pole
Heart of the continent

An expedition to the south american Pole of Inaccessibility in the Arenápolis municipality in the Matto Grosso state of western Brazil

Point Nemo Expedition
Point Nemo
Middle of the Pacific Ocean

Point Nemo can be described as the most remote location on the planet. It is a point in The Pacific that is furthest from land in any direction.