Chris Brown's Adventures

An adventure, as opposed to an expedition, is focussed on the thrill of the experience. It may still have a goal or objective, but that is often secondary to the excitement of the process. For example, I'd classify swimming across the Bosporus as an adventure. While the objective was to swim from Asia to Europe, it was the swim itself that provided the thrill.

Adventures usually don't require the same level of planning as an expedition. Instead, they tend to be a bit more spontaneous, with less emphasis on risk mitigation (which can have the result of making adventures more risky than expeditions). You could view an adventure as an activity in which one deliberately seeks out a challenge or risky activity for the fun of it.

In truth, adventures are more recreational than anything else. With that in mind, here's some of the recent adventures I've been on.

Bosphorus Swim Image
Cross Continental
Swimming Race
Istanbul, Turkey

In August 2023, I emulated Lord Byron by swimming 4 miles/6.5 km from Asia to Europe across the Bosphorus Straight in Istanbul

Camping Image
Wales Camping
Geographic Centre of Wales

A trip with Max Woosey encouraging everyone, particularly young people, to take risks and to venture outdoors on their own expeditions.

Balkan Blast
Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia

A road trip taking in the beautiful mountains of Slovenia, a Hypercar factory in Croatia and the elegant Serbian countryside.

Easter Island Adventure
Easter Island
Rapa Nui

Easter Island is one of the world's remotest inhabited islands. I'm hope to see the Moai heads and locate the POI.