New York Kilometre Zero

The New York City Zero Point is the Columbus Circle monument at the south west corner of Central Park in Manhattan. A 23m high monument to Christopher Columbus, with a marble statue of the famous explorer on the top, sits at the middle of the roundabout.

New York Zero Mile Marker
Zero Mile Marker in New York City

The circle, or traffic island (and it is heavy traffic) is located at the intersection of Broadway, 8th Avenue, West 59th Street and Central Park West. It is the traditional Zero Point from which official highway distances to New York City are measured.

The marble staue is 4.3m tall and was sculpted by Gaetano Russo. It was made in Italy before being brought over to New York in 1892 and was made to commemorate the 400th anniversay of Columbus' landing in The Americas.

Location of the New York City Zero Point

The exact location of the New York City Zero is:

  • Latitude: 40° 46.071' N
  • Longitude: 73° 58.939' W

The Zero Point coordinates were recorded by Chris Brown on 31st July 2022

Coordinates of New York Zero Mile Marker