Date of Expedition: ?

I'm determined to get into space one day.

Ever since I watched the first lunar landing and subsequent moon walks with my Dad, I've held a fascination with space. It led to me studying Physics and setting my course through life. Latterly, it made me sign up with Virgin Galactic, which led to meeting Buzz Aldrin at the South Pole, which itself set me on the quest to visit all the Poles of Inaccessibility.

Lunar Lander Eagle
Where Space starts (NASA)
Where Space starts (FAI)
Temp at Kármán line

The most obvious route into space would be with NASA. But even if I were still young enough and still in my prime, I'd fail on the very first requirement to be a NASA astronaut. So, the only remaining options are so-called Space Tourism.

Virgin Galactic

In 2013, I finally scrapped together enough cash to buy a ticket on a 'future' Virgin Galactic flight. Optimism was still rife in the organisation and their initial estimate was for Richard to go into space the very next year and that Future Astronauts would benefit from flights every 1-2 weeks, with a second craft being built to accelerate the process.

A tragic accident would knock all of those time estimates for six.

Whilst Richard managed to get into space in June 2023, the frequency of flights has fallen a little short of the targets. So, it seems I'll be waiting quite a few years until this particular route to my dreams will materialise.

Will it be worth the wait? Well, just take a look at this video...

Virgin Galactic Rocket Release

Space Perspective

With Virgin Galactic not progressing too quickly, in 2021 I also signed up for the fourth flight of Space Perspective.

Space Perspective are taking an innovative approach to giving customers a view of Earth from 'space'. They are constructing a capsule which will be lifted to an altitude of 100,000 feet (yes, somewhat short of true Space) using a balloon that is bigger than the Statue of Liberty.

The ascent will be a little more gentle than the exciting VG ride, as it glides up at a sedentary 12mph, but that does, of course, lead to a gentler and longer experience. Total flight time is intended to be around 6 hours.

Space Perspective Baloon
Space Perspective Capsule

If all else fails

This one is a bit out of my hands and maybe a touch macabre. But I've let it be known that I'd rather my ashes be fired up into space, after my death, than being buried here on Earth.

Firing humas ashes into space